About Patate Rouge

Patate Rouge Restaurant was founded by John & Mike on a successful and simple formula: clean establishment, quality food prepared quickly and affordable prices.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry, both owners, with the collaboration of their dedicated staff, strive to serve freshly made and delicious meals at every visit.

Since the Spring of 2000, Patate Rouge has become a popular place for breakfast, lunch and dinner among the locals of the Ahunstic/Villeray neighbourhood in Montreal. After so many years, every visitor who comes in Patate Rouge is part of the family.

Whether you want a hearty breakfast, a juicy hamburger, a tasty hot dog, an authentic souvlaki, a gyro cooked to perfection, a good smoked meat with Top Quality Lester meat or our famous poutine with red potatoes; Patate Rouge offers a mix menu of Canadian and Greek meals that will fully satisfy your appetite.

Patate Rouge for friendly service, home style meals and affordable prices… Simply delicious every time!!!

See you soon…


Trio 1 – Hamburger
Hamburger with fries and a drink.
Trio 2 – Gyro Pita
Gyro Pita with fries and a drink.
Trio 3 – 10″ Sub
10″ sub with fries and a drink.
Trio 4 – Smoked Meat Sandwich
Smoked meat sandwich with fries and a drink.
Trio 5 – 2 Steamed Hot-Dogs & Poutine
Two steamed hot dogs with poutine and a drink.
Trio 6 – Chicken Pita
Chicken Pita with fries and a drink.
Trio 7 – Philly Pita
Philly Pita with fries and a drink.
Trio 8 – 2 Grilled Hot Dogs
Two grilled hot dogs with fries and a drink.
Trio 9 – Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger with fries and a drink
Trio 10 – 2 Pogo
Two Pogo’s with fries and a drink
Trio 11 – 2 Steamed Hot Dogs
Two steamed hot dogs with fries and a drink.
Trio 12 – Double Burger
Double burger with fries and a drink.






French Fries
Fries & Gravy
Family Fries (4 people)
Family Fries (10 people)
Onion Rings
Italian Poutine
Smoked Meat Poutine
Chicken Poutine
Fries with Meat Sauce


Smoked Meat Platter
Club Sandwich
Hamburger Steak Platter
Chicken Pita Platter
Michigan Hamburger Platter
Club Sandwich for 2
Hot Chicken Plate



Pitas, Burgers & Hotdogs



Steamed Hot Dog
Grilled Hot Dog
Michigan Hot Dog
Double Hamburger
Cheese Burger
Double Cheese Burger
Chicken Burger
Gyros Pita
Philly Cheese Steak Pita
Smoked Meat Sandwich


Famous Philly Cheese Steak
Patate Rouge


Caesar Salad
Greek Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad


Coffer or Tea
Milk or Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate
Orange Juice
Peach Juice
Grape Juice

Monthly Specials

Greek Omelet $8.49

Sub Marine $7.99


Monday – Wednesday5am – 11pm

Thursday & Friday5am – 12am

Saturday5:30am – 11pm

Sunday6:30am – 11pm

Phone: 514.858.5454


755 Boulevard Crémazie Est Montreal, QC H2M 1M1